We originally contacted Sheryl over 4 years ago. We did not have a web site and was interested in tapping into that underutilized marketing source. We decided to hire her and are glad we did. We have had more compliments from people on the work she did. I just recently got two jobs because they went to our web site and were very impressed with the work and how well it was represented. I have people that call me all the time and ask about Sheryl creating a web site for them. I would recommend the services of Pegasus Web Design to anyone. I will end with a complement from my recent client "This is the best web site I have seen for any landscaper in your industry."

Fred Anderson
Anderson Landscape Construction

Developing a website with Sheryl at Pegasus Web Designs was probably one of the easiest pieces of our marketing portfolio. From the first meeting, Sheryl and I were on the exact same page. We wanted our clients to be able to access a simple yet informative website with a portfolio of our work. Not being a web design person I vocalized everything I wanted and Sheryl built it to a tee. The best part was that it was all done over email and the web. I would highly recommend Sheryl to anyone looking to build a quality site at a reasonable price with excellent customer service.

Justin Gamester, CSP
Director of Business Development
Piscataqua Landscaping Co., Inc.

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